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By Tom, on December 23rd, 2011

We’ve been writing about kindness and the random acts of said kindness that will make the world a better place. We think that if everybody practiced these it would make the world a little better for all of us.

But, telling you to commit random acts of kindness is kind of funny. It is hardly random if we tell you to do it. Then again, maybe if we tell you what we think a random act of kindness is, you can act randomly with kindness.

So what is a random act of kindness? It’s a selfless act, that makes someone’s day. This person should be a perfect stranger. This is what makes it a random act, the person should be random. They should be unable to reciprocate this act. The idea is that, upon receiving this gesture they will “pay it forward.” And then the person they give a kindness, will then continue this loop.

This isn’t, by any means, a new idea. The concepts ring through the ages with Karma and Mitzvah. However, the Internet has brought the idea back with a vengence. Stories of people buying the next customers’ orders at drive-thrus are all over the web and is one of the most commonly experienced RAoK.

Of course there will always be that someone who won’t pay it forward. That is why you need to perform these acts whenever you see the opportunity. Spread that kindness around, let it sink in to your community.

If you need an idea try this page over at the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation or check out this book: Join Me by Danny Wallace.