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By Thain, on August 6th, 2013

What is reality? What defines it? What makes it what it is? The answer is our own perceptions. They shape reality like artist to clay. One view on this reality is solipsism, another, or rather the exact opposite is realism. Both of which I will expand upon in future posts.

Both realism and solipsism are affected by what is called the egocentric predicament, which states that you cannot see reality outside your own perceptions. This means that nothing can truly be considered objective because everything is colored by something somehow. Everyone sees everything differently. Take for example an art class with a ring of students around a single vase of flowers and the instructor tells them each to paint the vase of flowers. Each painting will be completely unique without match some maybe similar but none identical; color, tone, shape, size all will be different. Because there will be some in the room who view those flowers as good and joyful and others who would view them with animosity and disgust, all because of their perceptions. That is what the egocentric predicament is and does.