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By Nathan, on January 28th, 2014

First let me point out that I realize that snow in a goodly portion of the world is non-existent.  I know this. Now, that being said –

It perplexes me when people complain about the weather. I wrote last week about complaining, even if it was brief.  It is January, and that means it snows in my part of the world reasonably regularly.  We also get sunny days and even pretty clement days, but it is January, snow is normal.  In the summer, I hear people complain about how hot it is, but what do you expect in the summer? Snow?  Why are you complaining?

I work very hard to not rebuke these complaints.  Complaining to me is silly, as I have said in the past, but I do understand that is part of human nature, so I won’t complain about it. (nice vicious circle isn’t it? Complaining about complaining?) So this is my perspective.

It is okay to be dissatisfied, but look at what you are dissatisfied about: is within your realm of influence to change?  And if it is, then by all means complain and then fix it.  That second part is the key.  But the weather and seasons are outside of your realm of influence.  How you deal with them is within it.  Wear a coat, drive slower, weather proof, etc.  If you can’t do that, accept it.  Look at your dissatisfaction.  Decide whether it is worth it.  Recognize that others have differing perspectives about what the weather is.  I like the snow in the winter.  I like the rain in spring and summer.  I like the leaves falling in the autumn.  I recognize that you might not.  I don’t always like the heat, but that is outside of my realm of influence and I accept it.  I also accept that you might not like the snow.  What I want you to understand is that complaining about the cold, snow, heat, rain, wind and weather in general does absolutely nothing.  I accept that we as living beings complain, and that another person complaining is outside of my influence.  So let me just wish you some peace, love and understanding.  You deserve it.