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By Marilyn, on January 4th, 2012

You would suppose, when you are a senior citizen, that you wouldn’t have many new changes and new experiences.  For me this past year and into this new year, it seems every day is a new experience.  I am really looking forward to this year, even though in other people’s eyes, it will be very tenuous.

We have been on a journey this past year to live in the positive.  It is not the norm in our society—we are thought to not be living in reality.  Well, we have been living a positive life and have been able to handle all that has come our way.  And lots of challenging situations have come our way.  Neither my spouse nor I have been in these situations before, but know that because we are being presented with these situations, our thoughts and emotions are being strengthened.  In the Secret’s Daily Teachings, we read: “even challenges are beautiful opportunities in disguise.”

Our opportunities are being presented every day.  Thank you, we are glad for the challenge to live a positive life.