Unintended Consequences

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We don’t know how one action is going to affect ourselves, those close to us or maybe our community or maybe, many, many people.  I recently read a book, Season of Harvest, by  Michael R. Hicks.  The gist of this book is about GMOs of crops and what happened.  Sound familiar?  The law of unintended consequences that happened in this story is sci-fi, but started out being something that is happening right now with GMO’s.  This is the main character’s description of the law of unintended consequences.

“’It basically says that any intervention in a complex system may or may not have the intended result, but will inevitably create unanticipated and often undesirable outcomes.’  She sighed.  ‘That’s what’s happened.  DNA is a very complex system in itself, not to mention the biosphere that the plants are in, and the place they occupy in the food chain with respect to livestock and ourselves.  It doesn’t matter if you believe what people say about the problems, ranging from food allergies to overt toxicity,’ she told him.  ‘What matters is that the government relies on the companies to provide proof that the crops are safe, without any independent verification.’”

In the real world today, GMO’s are “supposedly safe”, but the main company of GMO’s only did a 90 day study. The company and their greed have not proved the crops safety.  In previous posts we have detailed the problems of GMO’s.

Once I read the description of unintended consequences, I thought of other unintended consequences that have affected us recently.

We sold our home recently, but had to take money to closing.  Because of our neighborhood and the homes sold recently, the appraisal was the stumble point.  It does not matter how much your home is worth, but how much the homes around you sold for.  Our neighbors sold their home way below value, plus other smaller homes sold for a lot less.  The banks and realtors are the winners of this consequence.  I don’t think the sellers of the homes in our neighborhood knew the unintended consequence of selling well below what we built them for.  We are glad we did not put any more improvements to our home, because it would not have mattered.  We really would have lost more money on the sell.  We had to fight our realtor to keep the price higher than he thought he could sell it for, but because we did, I hope the consequence will let the other houses in our neighborhood sell for closer their value.

Another was switching our phones from one carrier to another.  We did not totally read the small print, were without phones for a week, are not sure all the costs are going to be covered by the new carrier, but are very hopeful.  Read the small print.

Why have I shared this?  When we are hit with unintended consequences, what is our response?  For me, it has been anger.  How has that gone for me?  Not well.  When I stopped to realize that I was in a negative mode, I also saw the results of the negatives.  I am glad that because of our readings, life changes because of HNWF, health changes, my partner in life who could let me know I was negative, I could see that when I react with stress, anger and negatives it is not good for us. When I turned away the negative and thought good thoughts and put out positive vibes, I was so much better.

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