The Wisdom Right in Front of My Eyes and Other Things Helping Me Through the Loss of My Job « Health Now, Wealth Forever

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By Felicia, on July 17th, 2012

I have recently been let go from a job that I have devoted my life to for the past 13 years.  That statement hurts and I am finding myself at a loss and questioning things that I haven’t had to question in a long time.

Those questions range from the daunting; who am I? To the silly; will I ever work again? To the realistic; where do I want to be right now?  You can see why I am a bit lost right now with all those questions floating around my brain.

Self-evaluation is not something I do well.  I have always felt as if I know who I am and what I am capable of and having doubts kind of throws me off balance.  So I went searching for some guidance, I have talked to my family, my friends and to the universe.  I know that there is a plan for me but it seems out of my reach at this very moment.

I went to this website (Health Now, Wealth Forever) and searched the life tab to see what we had said in the past to understand life changes.  I was struck by the wisdom lying right in front of my eyes.  Live for today, Believe you can succeed, You’re in charge and the one that struck me the most Whatever feelings you have within, you are attracting your tomorrow.

In today’s world, people are experiencing life changes every day, loss of wealth, loss of health and loss of life.  If we dwell on the losses we cannot see the good things.   I have a skill set that will be desired.  I can add to the world in a positive way and I will be positive and surround myself with positive people.  By saying those words and acting in a positive way, I will attract those positive people and changes to me, cancelling the questions and doubts.