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By Marilyn, on September 5th, 2012

To buy organics or not?  This was in the news yesterday again.  We were watching the early local news; this is the news that takes an hour through the news of the day and editorializes the stories as they report them, usually with their own personal opinions.  Yesterday, they shared the study done by Stanford University about whether organics have more nutritional value that the non-organic food. The title of the website of this newscast was “Organic Eating: Swallowing Hype?”   Stanford contends that organic foods and conventional food have the same nutritional values.

One of the newscasters waxed on about how expensive organics are and now, how much money he could save. His co-host did comment that maybe pesticides on the conventional food might give her pause.  But for the most part, their main comments were very slanted towards conventional food, and in my mind, saying that maybe organics are ripping us off because there was no discernible difference in the nutritional value.  How short sided!  My immediate question in my mind was who sponsored the study?  This is the story.

The EPA says there are over 1055 active ingredients that are formulated into pesticides.  The EPA does try to keep our health a priority and have regulations on  pesticides down to safety levels but . . . they are still a government agency.  They are also partners with other government organizations that allow pesticides, GMOs, etc. and big producers that wield a lot of influence on studies.

In the later newscast they shared the same story without the slant and with the other side.  I think that some of the huge, big corporations that farm are getting worried about how they do business.  They do not want to lose any business to “organics”.  Wasn’t the whole gist of why the study was done (and backed by whom we probably won’t know) by the second sentence, that $1 billion in 1990 to $30 billion now?  We consumers are not stupid.  Why do are the over processed foods claiming that they are “natural”, “wholesome”, etc. ?

I guess by what I have written you can tell that I get riled up about they way reporters think they know so much and want to tell us how to be healthy and what to buy.  I also was so, so offended by the title.  Guess we know how they were going to present this study!  Why can’t we have the freedom to buy the food we want without the negative comments?  Also, I would think that they care not how these farmers make their livings trying to compete with the huge, huge corporation farms. We talk about the economy and putting people back to work—yet only if they are for those big businesses.   These are my opinions.  Please come to your own conclusions.

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