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By Marilyn, on October 5th, 2011

Many disruptive and stressful things have been happening around me lately.

I am soon to retire from my job.  It started as a 20 hour a week job that was to last for a year. It became a full time job that lasted ten.

There have been negative vibes surrounding my significant other and also surrounding one of my children. I have been outraged, but a calm outrage.  Does that make sense?

Since studying The Secret and positive thinking, I handle the ripples in life much better.  Yes, I have had a few telling signs physically—but not like I use to have.  I have a calm, positive outlook on the future, because I have allowed myself to state what outcome I want and I believe it will happen.

For example, my Mom and I agreed she would walk again after breaking her hip. She is now able to walk, with lots of help, but she’s walking.  It may not be moving toward the goal like I think it should, but I believe that it will happen.

The key to the calm assurance is gratitude, gratitude for everything. It is a huge key in all of our lives.