The Benefits of Juicing

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juicing photoJuicing is a low maintenance and delicious way to keep healthy and cure many health diseases. Many people have discovered the health and medicinal qualities of juicing. Juicing is a very easy way to add many wonderful nutrients and vitamins into everyday life. Juicing benefits can be obtained from many sources including freshly squeezed produce, raw juices, regional produce, herbs, and one of the newest technologies, super juicing machines, are just beginning to be introduced in the market.

Juicing is easy on the digestive system, because the fiber and other nutrients are intact, and can be absorbed quickly through the juicing process, rather than having to digest grains or other potentially difficult to digest ingredients.

One of the best aspects of Juicing is that it is low maintenance. You do not have to teach your kids to peel their produce, or ask them to do the laborious task of cutting and preparing the veggies and fruits.  What you need to do is to clean, steam, and juice the produce, and you are ready to juice. As time passes, you will even notice that you will be able to juice more, as you get into a rhythm of preparing the fresh fruits and vegetables for juicing as a habit.

Juicing can turn the boring process of eating fruits and vegetables into something out of the ordinary.


  1. Yes! Once you get into the habit of prepping your fruits and veggies, juicing is a piece of cake. At first I had trouble figuring out the proportions thus ending up juicing way too many fruits but now I have my own ratios that work very well with my current lifestyle. Out of curiosity what juicer do you currently use, Marty?

    1. I don’t do as much juicing now that I’m on the keto diet. But the one I have is a Vitamix.

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