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By Tom, on June 21st, 2012

I remember writing a research paper about chromium in 9th grade science. It consisted, mostly, of its use to make stainless steel and protecting classic car bumpers from rust. I mentioned in passing that it was one of the trace minerals that your body requires, but I never researched what its function in my body really was.

Shortly after I graduated high school, I discovered I was hypoglycemic. I had been very lethargic, so I got a blood test to see if anything was wrong. They told me I had low blood sugar.

I went online to see what I could do to help me overcome this condition, and right there among eating small meals throughout the day, and eating lots of whole grains was chromium. It turns out it aids in regulating blood sugar, high or low. I was excited to try it.

I went and got a bottle, it was one of the pricier supplements in the pharmacy. I took the dropper out of the bottle and placed two drops of the solution on my tongue. About ten minutes later I felt the effects. A huge increase in energy, along with a what I can only imagine a hot flash feels like. I was amazed by the quick results, but I went about repairing my hypoglycemia in other ways, leaving a half-full bottle of chromium in the medicine cabinet.

As it turns out, chromium is thought to be sort of a miracle fat-loss mineral on the internet. There is little research to back this up, so the jury is still out. But, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts put the mineral on their must take list just in case. That being said, bodybuilders tend to know their bodies very well and if they say it works, then it probably works.

The side effects of chromium are not fully researched but may include kidney and liver damage, nausea, skin irritation (especially in people with allergies to chromate or leather), headaches and dizziness, plus there are a slew of other unconfirmed side effects. Due to the fact that chromium is a nutritional supplement, the FDA will not and does not research or keep track of its side effects.

So, if you are looking for a boost to your fat loss, supplementing with chromium may be something to think about. But as usual consult with a doctor or healthcare professional you trust first.


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