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By Nathan, on November 4th, 2009

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If you are having trouble with sudden change, such as being transferred to Guam to head up a new division on a moment’s notice, then congratulations! Now stop, look around, breathe deeply and look for the benefits of this change.  It must seem overwhelming.  Go ahead and break the new situation into manageable pieces.  The place where you are standing on the planet and the night sky you are looking at are pieces.  Pieces that are much easier to comprehend then the shear immensity of our planet, star, solar system, galaxy and universe.  The sight of that infinity is too big for anyone to comprehend all at once.  So we look at it a little bit at a time.  There is no difference between your circumstances and the universe.  When you look at or try to experience everything all at once, it is overwhelming and intimidating.

So, in that vein, we will continue.  Sometimes a change is so sudden, so chaotic (and painful) that it temporarily stuns you.  A personal supernova, if you will.  A sudden loss of a loved one, through separation, passing on or tragedy is sometimes too much at once, like taking in a giant star in one glance.  In those cases, you might need to find someone to help you with that.  A therapist, grief counselor, or psychologist can help where others might not be able to.

If you find yourself in a new situation or a new place with your regular support system missing or far away, that is a stressful situation that could use some breaking down.  Think of your circumstances as a large meal consisting of a meat, a vegetable, a starch, some fruit and perhaps a salad and dessert.  Don’t try to eat the whole meal in one bite.

You wouldn’t dream of eating it all at once.  So you take bites. Maybe a bite on that meat, a nibble on the salad.  You eat the meal a little bit at a time.  It’s the same with your circumstances.  Don’t think you have to tackle it all at once.  Take bites.  Break it down.  And don’t think that you have to clear your plate.  Some things don’t need to be consumed.  And one more thing:

Don’t forget to enjoy the meal!

We have a strong desire to see you fly.  Everyone is capable of being great.  Don’t let you or anyone else tell you that you that you can’t be great.  We hope that this article has moved you closer to greatness.  Please leave a comment telling us your wildest dreams.