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stubborn photoJust because you are stubborn does not mean that you are the one who knows what is right.  It means you may be closed minded and unwilling to learn something new about yourself.  This can lead to an argumentative personality which means others may not want to discuss their feelings or thoughts with you.  This will leave you feeling ignored or alone in your beliefs.  This stubbornness may be due to political beliefs, religious dogma, moral high ground or a belief that your way is THE way.

If you want to be accepted by those around you, rather than ignored by them, stubbornness must be replaced by a willingness to accept thoughts or beliefs which may differ from yours.  This shift in perception will open a whole new world to you:  a world of learning, a world of relationship building, a world of belief shifting.

Having stated this – anyone with a differing opinion about stubbornness please share it.

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