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By Felicia, on September 28th, 2012

Natural remedies have been around since the beginning of time.  They are not processed, less expensive and are usually multifunctional.  They can help anything from acid reflux to varicose veins, from pet problems to cleaning solutions.  The dependence we have on processed products is ridiculous when nature has provided all the necessary solutions and remedies for all of our needs.

Lately, whenever I have had an issue, whether it is a health problem, pet problem or cleaning problem, I have been curious if there is a natural way to deal with it.  By natural, I mean made in nature, not over processed and filled with chemicals.  I have been happily satisfied with the results.  For example, when my dog got stung by an insect and was nonstop itching, I did a quick Google search and found out about combining Aloe and Tea Tree Oil.  The aloe relieved the itch and pain and the tea tree stopped the incessant licking and chewing!  Cheap, effective solution with things I had at home.   For my varicose veins, I found that the mixture of Horse Chestnut Seed and Bark (a plant) and Butcher’s Broom Leaf, can reduce the veins swelling and ease the pain.  Nature is impressive.

By using nature’s resources, herbs, oils, plants and minerals, I have saved a bit of money as well.  I am not catering to the big pharmaceutical companies and big box stores.  I can buy most of the products at local farmer’s markets and local stores.  As far as using nature’s remedies, here are a bunch of websites I use to help me.

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