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By Tom, on July 13th, 2014

I have a diet that works for me. It fits my appetite, I feel great while I’m sticking to it, and I lose fat and gain lean muscle while I’m on it. It’s the slow-carb diet, I’ve written about it before and highly recommend it. This post is not about the slow-carb diet, but about the difficulty I seem to have staying on it.

I consider myself to have at least average willpower. I can maintain focus on a task, sometimes to a fault. For these reasons, I have a hard time understanding why I have such a hard time staying on this diet for more than a few weeks.

But, I think I have a good I idea why this happens. It is a combination of laziness (willpower) and disappointment. I get lazy and I go for the easy option. I get fast food rather than bring a homemade lunch. I’ll grab a sandwich instead of the salad. Then I get angry and disappointed with myself. Which is OK. I should be disappointed that I have lost my path.

The important thing is that I don’t then stray further from the path. Leaving the path for a minute is OK, staying out there, wandering in the forest, is how a goal is lost and forgotten. If I break the rules of my diet, the only way I am not going leave my diet for good, is to return to eating according to its rules ASAP. I may have left the path but it isn’t going to be that far away; I can probably find it.

This is true of any case of low willpower. If you let the easy choice win out, and it leads you away from your path, you can find your way back once your willpower comes back. But, if you wallow in the fact that you’ve strayed from the path, you will lose the path altogether. Having the ability to correct course and overcome, even learn from, your mistakes is one of the most important factors in reaching a goal.

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