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By Tom, on April 18th, 2013

The Paleolithic Diet intrigues me. It all makes sense that we should eat what we have evolved to eat. So, when I watched The Perfect Human Diet, there was probably a bit of choir preaching going on. This film explains the reasons and benefits of the Paleolithic Diet and the consequences of the current human diet. We have evolved to eat one way: meat, vegetables, and fruits, and have been eating another way for the last five to ten thousand years. The results – obesity, diabetes, cancer, neurological disorders – have become more obvious within the last century with the increasingly processed nature of our diet.

There were a few scenes that really stood out to me. My favorite involves Paleo Diet founder and Colorado State University professor Dr. Loren Cordain. He takes the host out onto a football field and shows him the evolution of the human diet. It turns out if the length of the field represents the length of human existence we started eating how we do now about an inch ago. We didn’t evolve to what we now eat, we just started eating it because it was easier.

I am not saying that agriculture is a bad thing. We wouldn’t have science, math, literature, or philosophy without it. The population wouldn’t have grown. Without agriculture we wouldn’t be where we are in any way. I think what I take away from this movie is that we should eat like our paleolithic ancestors. We can’t survive eating their exact diet, but we can eat a similar and sustainable diet.