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By Gary, on April 22nd, 2013

If “O” is for Onion and “P” is for Ponzi then

 “Q” is for Quercetin

 What is Quercetin and how in the world do you pronounce it?

Quercetin is a plant-based flavonoid and antioxidant.  It is pronounced \ˈkwər-sə-tən\


Some of these foods are very familiar to us where some are not. I have attached a web link to each one of the listed foods so you can find the information about that food if you so need to.

Quercetin is very necessary to have in our bodies.  As shown in the table above, Quercetin is plant based.  It can be acquired either by eating the foods containing it or by taking healthy supplements produced from the plant-based Quercetin. When Quercetin is in your body, it helps in a myriad of ways.

Health Benefits of taking Quercetin:

Alleviates allergies
Acts as an antihistamine

Is an anti-inflammatory

Powerful antioxidant
Relieves asthma
Lowers blood pressure
Helps prevent cancer
Maintains cardiovascular system
Lowers cholesterol
Reduce inflammation in bladder
Reduces hay fever
Improves prostate health

Quercetin side effects:

Quercetin has been deemed safe to use. However, some people have reported head-aches or stomach-aches when taking large doses of Quercetin supplements.  Quercetin should not be used by women during pregnancy or lactation, nor by people with kidney problems.