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By Felicia, on March 2nd, 2014

I have a phobia of dentistry; not dentists but the actual job of dentistry.  I fear the drilling, scraping and cleaning and the paying for said things. This phobia has caused me to procrastinate in making a much needed dental appointment for approximately 18+ years.  Ridiculous, I know.

Recently, I had a back molar break off while chewing gum. Crap, I had to find a dentist.  I found a very nice dentist and went in, with fear.  They x-rayed me and gave me my options, I chose the least expensive option of pulling the tooth.  Now I am dealing with an infection and pain, not the dentist’s fault but my own.  Bottom line is, if I had not procrastinated in going to dentist, I would still have my tooth.  If I had not procrastinated, I would have saved myself all the money I am now going to spend in fixing things that could have been fixed and prevented.  I realize and embrace the work that will have to be done now and in the future.  If I had not worried and avoided, I would have saved so much time, money and teeth.  Procrastination because of a phobia is ridiculous but realistic but here is a wonderful blog with some tips to counteract procrastination.

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