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By Marilyn, on July 4th, 2014

Gary and I read a positive thought every night before we turn out the light and sleep.  We use the Secret daily calendar from a long time ago.  Anyway, this is one that we read recently.  I am going to change it a bit.

“If a person is focused on illness or negativity, anger, frustration, sadness, worry, etc., then they are inadvertently attracting more illness (negativity, anger, frustration, sadness, worry, etc.) to them.  On the other hand, if a person focuses more on health (positivity, peace, harmony, happiness, joy, etc.) then the law of attraction must obey and produce health (positivity, peace, harmony, happiness, joy).  The principles of the law of attraction are a powerful tool to summon the healing power within us, and can be used as an aid in total harmony with all ”that happens in our lives.”

“Remember that if there were no healing power within us, nothing could be healed.”

We are what we think and what we are feeling.  To be positive we must have positive thoughts, to be at peace we must be peaceful within ourselves; to have harmony we must let go of the anger and frustrations that can plague us; and to be happy and have joy, we must think and live happiness and joy.   We will be healthier and bring the good to our lives and those around us, when we think in the positive.  It is not easy, I know, but when you give the first positive thoughts a go, there is an uplifting of your spirit.  Let go.

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