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By Nathan, on October 14th, 2011

You say the word “philosophy” and many people have images of people in togas or college classrooms filled with bearded, sweatered, tea drinking grad students and professors.  But that is not actually accurate, nor is it fair to an integral part of our being.

All Philosophy is a way of making sense of how we see, think and believe our reality.  A philosopher’s passion is to understand the mechanics of relationships, perceptions, thought patterns and why we develop ethics and dogma.  A philosopher tries to then make sense of this somewhat hazy art.  I call it a hazy art, because it has no concrete presence.  A circulatory system is a solid system, with more or less predictable behavior.  But the patterns that the brain produces to understand and process the world and events around it are not so solid.  This is philosophy.  All religions, ethics, relationships (interpersonal and otherwise), psychologies and origins of behavior are parts of philosophy.  So how does knowing this help you be healthy and wealthy?  Because –

  • Your philosophies determine when you act.
  • Your philosophies determine where you are and where you go.
  • Your philosophies are the source of your ethical platform.
  • Your philosophies are the why behind your actions.
  • Your philosophies determine how you go about achieving or not.
  • Your philosophies what those achievements will be.
  • Your philosophies announce your identity and form the template for processing information.

Obviously, everyone has a personal philosophy.  There is no such thing as a completely unique philosophy.  When a large number of people subscribe to a standardized philosophy (existentialism, liberalism, libertarianism, objectivism, Christianity, Taoism or Confucianism, for example), it becomes a religion or movement.  This is where philosophy links with sociology.  This happens all the time.  Humankind is an inherently social being, after all.  It is unhealthy to deny this.

So, aware or not of the how or why of philosophy, it defines whether we even want wealth, what wealth/health means, what actions we deem necessary, what we care about and why we do what we do.  This is integral to everything in our life. Including Health and Wealth.