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By Gary, on July 4th, 2011

Your perception of Wealth will determine your path to it.

In our society, Wealth is viewed with wonder, jealousy, ridicule, disgust, derision, and scorn.  Rarely, society views Wealth as personal or family freedom.  It is hardly ever viewed as something that will enable you to provide help to others.  What if you considered viewing Wealth differently?

Most view Wealth as unattainable, so they put it aside or under them or even on a high pedestal.

Recently, I asked family and friends to answer this question: “What does the word ‘Wealth’ mean to you?” I thank them for their well thought out responses. As I expected, their answers were varied.

So let’s do this.  Let’s envision that Wealth is unattainable, way up there on a pedestal that only a few can reach.  That is a realistic perception.  But if you have that perception or a similar perception of Wealth, you have doomed your path to circle around and around the pedestal without ever being able to reach it or touch it.  In another way of explaining this, you are locking yourself into using your hard earned money to buy things.

Things are designed to take your money and never give you money back, at least not as much as you gave them. They are homes, cars, boats, clothes, electronics, furniture, etc.  All of these take money from you and never give you back all that you spend on them.  This is the same as walking around and around the pedestal but never getting ahead.

What if you changed your perception of Wealth?

Let’s say, Wealth is not on a high pedestal but walking slowly right in front of you.  You could walk a little faster and catch it.  How would that change what you could do with your hard earned money?