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By Nathan, on April 10th, 2013

When an insect grows, it changes its skin, as you already well know.  But we do too, if in not such a literal way.  When we reach a goal or hit a new way of life, we like to think that we have made it.  We are where we want to be.  Our skin fits. But we all grow still upon the foundation that we have built by growing.  Our soul has rings like a tree.  And when it is time to grow again, our lives get chaotic.  We feel constricted by the skin that fit so perfectly not so long ago.

The Infinity Path tmis infinite.  As soon as our reality changes, so do our perceptions and then our thoughts, our beliefs and our reality.  If we try to stop the process anywhere in the Path by assuming we have succeeded, we set ourselves up for life pushing us along.  Life gets difficult, what was working so well starts to break down.  Our circumstances are obsolescent. Always.

We must never assume that we are done growing and evolving.  When it is time to grow, pay attention to your feelings and what your reality is saying to you.  They will never lead you wrong.  Your reality knows when it is time to grow into new skin.

I suppose it is time for me to grow into a bigger skin.