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By Marilyn, on November 16th, 2011

If you have been following my blog of my ups and downs this last half of 2011, you know I have looked at my Mom and seen quite a miracle. If not, the short version is she is 90 years old, broke her hip in a fall, and is now up and about again.

We got my Mom moved closer to me—ahh, it is so nice not to have to drive to an hour each way—and she is doing so well.  She has such a positive attitude—I know it has rubbed off on me and the people she has been around.  Since moving she has been using her walker to go from her room up a very long elevated hall to the dining room.  She comments frequently that she never thought she would live so long—and then wonders why.  She still has so much to give and has such a positive attitude to share with those around her are my thoughts when she says that.  She has such a can do attitude—that is what I need to feel about myself right now.

I have retired, but have been going 90 mph to keep up my responsibilities to my Mom, my husband, my kids and grandkids, our home and my dream of creating . . .   I realized this morning that I have not been doing what I wrote about last week—living in the day not the future.  I will get there if I visualize my dream, believe and  realize I am doing what I need to do each moment to make it a reality.  I have been collecting materials and visualizing what I will make every moment I can –storing those creative thoughts in my filing cabinet in mind—I am working on my dream without really realizing it. I really do have that can-do attitude without realizing it.

Thank you, Mom, for staying around, not giving up when you felt you could not go on.  We have really needed each other and I will tell you so today when I see you that I have needed you as much as you think you have needed me.  I have called her “human sunshine” in previous blogs and so she is.