My 6 Favorite Places to Learn New Stuff

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learning photoI was an underachiever. I tested well, but I didn’t want to learn outside of school. If I had applied myself, I could have easily had my choice of school. But, I had a hard time seeing the point. Now, twelve years after I graduated from high school, I wish I had applied myself. That I had learned everything I could – before I needed to know it. I see the point now. Some people would say that it’s too late.


You can learn everything that they teach in high schools and universities, online, for free. I’ve been learning all that stuff that I wasn’t excited about learning about when I was that petulant teenager. I’ve been brushing up on Spanish, reviewing and relearning math subjects that I scraped through on test scores alone, and becoming quite the computer scientist, all for free and all online. I don’t get a degree, but I also don’t get debt that I am paying off until I’m 40.

So far, these are my favorite websites for expanding my knowledge:

Khan Academy

What you can learn: Math, Science, Economics and finance, humanities, computer prgramming and they have regular lectures to teach even more. Khan Academy not-for-profit and will always offer its wealth of knowledge for free.


What you can learn: Languages. Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese, and Italian – so far.

This is free because of the unique way they teach you. They use you to translate the internet. If you choose to learn Italian, you and the others learning Italian, are given the basics and then you get to read and translate actual web content from one language to another. There are studies that the way they teach languages is more effective than traditional classes and even other computer methods.


What you can learn: Web design and development and computer programming.

I, as the webmaster here at HNWF, love this site. It teaches web development, and a bunch of computer programming languages in a fast fun way. This is a community-based website, all of the lessons are written by members of the site.

OpenCourseWare Consortium

Stanford Engineering Everywhere

Harvard Open Course Extension

Learn from the best through open courseware. These sites let you virtually attend entire courses that you would have to pay thousands to attend normally. Courses range from computer science to journalism. These courses take a little more patience than the others because they go at a structured pace, like a university class. But the value here is unbeatable.

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