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Well, what do you conjure up when someone says “mind over matter”?  Back when I was a kid, this meant some sort of a paranormal activity.  You know. Like bending a spoon by using your mental powers.  Or, making a book float up off the table.  Or, do things like Harry Potter.

Many movies were and are being made along with television shows which have some form of “mind over matter” infused within them.  The latest are television shows like “Believe”.  It exposes the mental powers of a young female who is on trying not to get got by the evil conglomerate who wants to control her and her powers.  When she gets angry or when she is afraid, she controls what is around her by using “mind over matter” powers.

Wikipedia states:

“The exact phrase “mind over matter” first appeared in 1863 in The Geological Evidence of the Antiquity of Man by Sir Charles Lyell (1797–1875) and refers to the increasing status and evolutionary growth of the minds of animals and man throughout Earth history. It may be said that, so far from having a materialistic tendency, the supposed introduction into the earth at successive geological periods of life — sensation, instinct, the intelligence of the higher mammalia bordering on reason, and lastly, the improvable reason of Man himself — presents us with a picture of the ever-increasing dominion of mind over matter.

— Sir Charles Lyell, 1863 Lately, the term “mind over matter” has moved into the area of thoughts affecting your life path.  This comes from people like Tony Robbins who taught his seminar attendees to walk on fire by using their minds to control their pain and to keep themselves from burning the bottom of their bare feet.  Although there is science to explain “fire walking”, the philosophy of how positive and negative thoughts can affect your mental and physical health has morphed into the “Law of Attraction”.

The “law of attraction” states that your thought frequencies mesh with the frequency of the Universe.  If your frequency is emanating negative thoughts and beliefs, the Universe will respond by sending to you negative situations.  On the flip side, if your frequency is emanating positive thoughts and beliefs, the Universe will respond by sending you positive situations.

There are also studies of the brain to show that positive and negative thoughts affect the brain.  I am not a brain expert, other than I have one.  I do know, personally, that when I am in a positive frame of mind, I physically feel much better than when I am in a negative state of mind.

I am not a member of the Christian Science Church, but if you research their web site, they have been endorsing the belief that the state of mind is very important in determining one’s path in life.

It seems that the current “Law of Attraction” philosophies have been developed by pulling from many previous belief systems.  This “Law” has spawned the self-help industry.  This industry is immense but has nuggets of information scattered throughout the material.

Some reading:

‘The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin,’ by Benjamin Franklin

‘Think and Grow Rich,’ by Napolean Hill

‘Law of Attraction,’ by Michael J. Losier

‘How to Win Friends and Influence People,’ by Dale Carnegie

‘Awaken the Giant Within,’ by Anthony Robbins

‘The Road Less Traveled,’ by M. Scott Peck

‘I Dare You,’ by William H. Danforth

‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,’ by Stephen R. Covey

‘As A Man Thinketh,’ by James Allen

‘The Greatest Salesman in the World,’ by Og Mandino

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  1. Everyone should read ‘Think and Grow Rich,’ by Napoleon Hill. It’s much more than a business book as some say, it gives you the blueprint to living a happy and successful life by simply mastering the power of your thoughts.

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