Middle Ground

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dividing line photoTwo People are walking.  One says, “I will only turn right.” The other says, “I will only turn left.”  So in this way each always ends up where they began and never really gets anywhere.

This is the state of politics today.  Not only in political office, but also in everyday thought, belief and interaction.  This troubles me.  Now, I am decidedly liberal.  I normally side with the most liberal declarations, but in my past I was an objectivist, before it became decidedly conservative and weirdly not objective at all.

I started this post a few weeks ago with that analogy.  And then I stopped because I couldn’t put my finger on what irritated me so much about this.  Since then, I have read many articles and watched many newscasts that have crystallized this for me.  We have lost objectivity and reason.  Our world politic is stalled and the divisiveness is killing us, but philosophically and physically.  There are key issues we are pondering right now that we can’t find progress on those hot topics that should be fixed, such as:

  • Nutrition
  • GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)
  • GEOs (Genetically Engineered Organisms)
  • Vaccines
  • Social Programs
  • Environment

The debates on these things each have their own science, heavily influenced by political leaning.  And that is where the analogy comes in.  There isn’t any objectivity in this science.  And therefore, no progress of any meaning. This is what I find frustrating.  This is what I would like to see happen.

I want an objective, totally unaffiliated scientific coalition in place to study the science put forth by both the conservative and liberal factions.  I want people who will turn left and right and end up in a new place.  I want objective truth on these bulleted points.  I want non-profit scientific research on what the benefits and consequences are in these fields and moreover, every new or even old idea that comes up in politics. Cost to benefit analysis outside of religion and profit. Solid science.

We try here at HNWF to support all of our articles on Health with science.  But science right now is slippery and advanced by money and religion and philosophy. And, while I am all for money, religion and philosophy, none of these belong in science.  Freedom requires an area of completely unaffiliated research.  There should not be liberal science or conservative science, just plain science. Just plain truth, Not liberal truth or conservative truth.

Progress, ironically, is fueled by strong emotions, which in turn is political. But that isn’t where it should stay.  To continue, Progress needs to leave emotion behind and enter uncolored, unfeeling research.

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