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By Marilyn, on July 27th, 2011

We are given very mixed messages about fats these days.  The USDA, commercials and many others tell us we must avoid saturated fats—they say they are very bad for us. They recommend if we use oils we should use margarine, that says no Trans fat—but has no nutritional value—has been made with chemicals—never goes bad.  Use canola oil, soybean oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil, etc., they say—oils that have been highly manufactured, especially canola oil that is made from rapeseed and has gone through many processes to rid it of its horrid taste and smell.

Why would we want to put such manufactured, useless oils in our bodies when we can eat and cook with healthy, good fats that help our bodies?  I have read enough to understand how GOOD saturated fats are for your liver, your heart,  strong bones, proper nerve signaling, healthy lungs, healthy brain(—did you know our brains are made of fat and cholesterol?) and a strong immune system.  Saturated fats play a part in all these organs and functions.  There is research to back up all these statements. The good saturated fats are all the “solid fats” that the low fat diets tell you to avoid.  Olive oil is the only oil that is agreed upon.

I wanted to give the USDA’s recommendations a chance, but could find no references or bibliography on the page on oils or any of the pages that “tell you” what to eat.  They have not backed up their recommendations.  So really, is it to our benefit they recommend all the manufactured foods they tell us to eat to be healthy OR is it to benefit the manufacturers—those who process all that food, the huge corporation “farmers , and the huge food industry?

Those good fats do not take a lot of manufacturing—butter, organic lard, bacon, coconut oil, nut oils, meat fats,  the good fats, that are kept at very high prices so that the shopper will buy the cheaper BAD oils thinking they are getting the healthy choice.