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By Felicia, on February 20th, 2012

“Save your strength for things that you can change Forgive the ones you can’t

You gotta let ‘em go”

Let It Go by The Zac Brown Band

Forgiving and letting go of the past are two of the hardest things to do, I know because I am constantly challenged to do them every day.   I struggle to forgive and forget, struggle to let go of the anger that, if I let it, will eat me up and struggle to not try to change every little thing in a person or a situation to suit my needs.

To forgive and forget, easier said than done for sure.  Forgiving is easier for me than forgetting.  Yet there are definitely things I struggle to forgive, betrayal, violence against me or my family and friends and maybe I shouldn’t forget those people or things but forgiving will free me from them.  I will have to learn to “let it go” when it comes to these situations.

I have learned over the years of trying to change people into who I think they could be that this cannot and should not be done.  Not only should it not be done because change truly must come from within but it cannot be done because to change someone into what you think they should be is detrimental to both people.   It has taken me many years and failed relationships to learn these important lessons, I have had to learn to “let it go” because if I didn’t I would be a negative and angry person.

Wishing I could be in a different time and place is silly, we all wish we were younger, we all wish for the “glory days” when we were on the top of the world.  But holding on to those memories and wishing they were reality is futile at best.  I appreciate where I am now, all of the lessons I have learned and continue to learn and all of the growing I continue to do, I will not “let it go” when it comes to those things.  I will continue to save my strength for things I can change and will continue to let go of the ones I can’t.