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By Tom, on January 26th, 2012

I think leadership is something that is avoided in our day and that we are all suffering for it. Leadership is one of those things that can make an idea blossom poor leadership can crush an idea into dust. Some people despise leaders; they have usually been led by poor leaders. Good leaders on the other hand make things happen. Without them we would be stuck, mired in bureaucracy, and unable to make any progress.

A leader should stand up for that which his or her followers believe. That is crucial. If you want to lead you must be a better listener than a speaker, yet be an excellent, charismatic speaker. You must understand what the people you are leading think, know, and believe and lean on them for support. When they shouting at you, listen and respond appropriately.

The person who yearns to be a leader is rarely the best candidate. Most candidates for office want to press the agenda of their own interests, rather than the interests of the people they will lead. This is one of the many reasons why leaders are despised. These leaders are not practicing leadership.

The person who hates being a leader is never a good candidate. That person will avoid making decisions and avoid delegating work. Leaders who are forced into the role rarely know what good leadership is, and without that knowledge they can’t practice good leadership.

The best leaders take the reins only when they are absolutely needed. They see that the people they are around need someone to give a final say, make sure that things happen, and that those that need to be involved are involved. These people know leadership skills and know that leaders that lead least lead best.

In general, a person placed in the correct position and set on a course needs very little guidance. Their leader just needs to show them where they are and where they need to be and if they lose their way then they can go back to their leader and ask for direction. The only reason the leader would have to interfere is if they put the person in the wrong position, or didn’t give them the right information in the first place. Poor leaders don’t realize this. Good leaders know that if they lead right in the first place, they won’t have to correct course later on.