Is Society Something We Hide Behind? « Health Now, Wealth Forever

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By Thain, on October 6th, 2012

A friend brought a question to me: “Is society something that we are part of or something that we hide behind?” The answer being both.

We tend to blame society for things and exclude ourselves from it as a whole. We feel like if it is not our fault, society must be to blame. Take for example how Mitt Romney talks down on the middle class and society like he is exempt from society and he is his own separate entity.

We all blame society for the things that seem too big to handle, we hide behind the feeling of helplessness so we don’t have to take action on the things we know are wrong: People starving, homeless, etc. We can all influence those things because it is our fault they happened because we are part of society and we can change it just as easily as we let it be changed.