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interruption photoIt seems I get interrupted more as I become older.  It just gets irritating.  Doesn’t it?

Rather than becoming irritated with the interruptions – maybe there is a better way to react.  You know “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”.

First, I have to change my perception of interruption.  Maybe it is not a negative but a positive occurrence.  If I am on an important (in my eyes) task and the interruptions happens during that time maybe it is the universe telling me that I need a break or I need to go a different direction or I need to help out somewhere or …

Once I have changed my perception, then my thoughts begin to adjust themselves.  They become more and more positive about the benefits that interruptions can have on my life.  Things like enjoying talking to the person on the phone instead of negatively reacting to the phone ringing.

This then affects my belief system:  interruptions are not necessarily bad things;  interruptions can be beneficial.

And finally, my reality is now changed.  Rather than getting irritated when interruptions occur, I can see them as positive opportunities.

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  1. Since the pandemic began I’ve worked from home on and off and it has been quite a ride. With two kids under four interruptions are a common occurrence so I decided to just embrace them instead of being frustrated whenever my kids pop in for a quick chat.

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