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By Felicia, on October 19th, 2012

I recently started a new job after working for the same company for 13 years, this was fairly daunting.  Interviewing, being judged, being new can be a disheartening feeling, can be a situation where negative thoughts can leak in and cause negativity to rule not only my conscious mind but my subconscious as well.

A dear friend of mine lent me a book by her friend, SUPERGOOD: A Guide to Living in Pursuit of Your Potential.  This short guide, written by Mike Swanson outlines 30 principles of success that have lifted my mind out of the negative place it had been living.

In SUPERGOOD, Swanson has taken the teachings of other authors and teachers and simplified them, put them in laymen terms and written a 94 page guide to changing the way you look at yourself and your goals.  With 30 chapters in the 94 pages, it is a quick and easy read to getting your life back on track.  Touching on not only the Law of Attraction (The Secret by Ronda Byrne) but the works of Robert Kiyosaki, Napoleon Hill and Bob Proctor to name a few.  Swanson has achieved what the others have not, he has written a simple but effective guide to changing perception that can be read in a day.  Touching on attitude, happiness, health, wealth and money management, Swanson has brought to light what we all know in ourselves.  We are in control of our lives; we are in control of our happiness.

I highly recommend this book! It has helped me escape the negativity and the self-doubt and changed my attitude about how I perceive the world and the events that impact me.  Get your own copy now!

SuperGood365.com: The 30 Principles

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