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By Felicia, on July 18th, 2011

I was watching TV the other day and was struck by the fact that EVERY cereal commercial advertised whole grains.  From Cheerios to Lucky Charms, from Kashi to Cocoa Puffs, they have all claimed to contain whole grains.

What are whole grains?  Exactly what they say, they are the whole grain of a plant, unprocessed, for example, Whole Wheat, Oats, Rice or Barley.  Undamaged by processing, the whole grain provides a source of fiber (for energy), vitamins and proteins.

Look at the label and make sure it reads Whole Wheat, Whole Rolled Oats, Rice, etc.  These ingredients should be the first ingredients, not milled corn, enriched flour or sugar.

A couple of websites to further your knowledge: