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By Marilyn, on November 23rd, 2011

My favorite Thanksgiving food is sweet potatoes.  My first memory of sweet potatoes was not from my mother’s Thanksgiving meal, but from my Aunt Bobby.  We did not normally get together with the Pratts, but we did one Thanksgiving and I remembered the sweet potatoes!

My Aunt Bobby was from West Virginia so she had some different foods on the table.  These sweet potatoes were in half an orange with a  toasted marshmallow on the top.  After that wonderful treat, I wanted my mother to do them for the next Thanksgiving, but she did not.

I have not always made sweet potatoes for our Thanksgivings because I am the only one who likes them.  I have had sweet potatoes many ways at church Thanksgivings or at work Holiday parties.   Two of my favorites are Sweet Potato Soufflé and Yams ‘n Cranberry Casserole.  They both have sugar in them.  I am not a food scientist so do not know if you can just substitute agave syrup or not.  BUT the good news for me this Thanksgiving, I found a recipe for the sweet potatoes in the orange shell.  No added sugar!  Here  is the link:

Mimi’s Sweet Potatoes in Orange Cups Recipe on