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By Marilyn, on August 17th, 2011

I start today’s blog post with two quotes:

“The really happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour.” – To Every Dog There Is a Season,  Snoopy by Everhart, Garborg’s, Bloomington, MN.

“A feeling that greater possessions, no matter of what kind they may be, will of themselves bring contentment or happiness, is a misunderstanding.  No person, place, or thing can give you happiness.  They may give you cause for happiness and a feeling of contentment, but the JOY of Living comes from within.” – Genevieve Behrend (1881-1960), Your Invisible Power

Both of the statements above have given me food for thought today and I hope they affect you in a positive way as well.

And now on to Arnica.

I was introduced to arnica 7 or 8 years ago by my massage therapist.  My thumb was giving me pain—especially when I was doing a lot of sewing.  She told me about arnica gel and used it on my thumb during that massage session.  I have been sold since.

I use arnica almost daily to relieve the pain of arthritis in my knee, the pain in my heel and any other aches I might have. I don’t need to take an over the counter pain reliever. It doesn’t heal the problem, but it relieves the pain without the smell and hot or cold sensation of other topical remedies.  It just does the job. Another great thing that arnica does is make bruises fade. This is a great “tool” to use for those football players, like my grandson, who are needing a little relief for those bumps and bruises.

In the Natural Grocers flyer from August 14, 2011, they did an article about taking arnica internally.  It can be taken for the same symptoms—muscle aches and pains, overexertion and falls, swelling and bruises.  The great thing about arnica is there are no risks of overdose, drug interactions, or side effects when taken as directed.

There are several brands of arnica out there—I recently found a new one I like that I found in King Soopers’ (Kroger) Optimum Wellness Solutions area brand named Peaceful Mountain.  I have used Arniflora Arnica Gel for years with great results too.  I find this at Natural Grocers, Sunflower, and Sprouts and they are always available at Amazon.com.

Arnica comes in gels, creams, ointments and small pellets to be taken internally.  If you have aches and pains, give it a try.