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By Nathan, on July 24th, 2012

Brown Adipose Tissue or Brown fat tissue is located (in adults) in the lower back of your neck and back between the shoulder blades.  It is different than white adipose tissue or fat in that it converts white adipose tissue into energy through Thermogenesis or Heat Energy.  Brown Adipose Tissue is activated when the body’s temperature is lowered.

You can use this to your advantage in trying to lose the fat you have accumulated.  It has been conjectured that by activating this tissue, an adult can lose 9 lbs. of white fat or more in a year without any exercise.  More with exercise that activates brown adipose tissue like swimming in water that is colder than skin temperature (between 82 and 91 degrees Fahrenheit).  Swimming for an hour or more in water that is around 70 – 75 degrees Fahrenheit (or colder, which is better) burns many more calories than running because of Thermogenesis.  There are other ways to take advantage of this.

  • Immediately upon awakening in the morning, drink 500 ml of ice water quickly.  Wait at least 30 minutes before eating. Then eat a high protein breakfast.
  • Take a COLD shower.  Start warm to wash face and hair and then turn the water all the way cold to wash your body.  Focus the cold water as much as you can on the back of your neck and between your shoulder blades.  If you are doing it properly, your back will feel as though you applied sports cream to your back.  Do this in the morning, after workouts and before bed for maximum results.  A word of caution though:  This Will Wake You Up.
  • While watching TV or working at a desk, apply a cold pack to your neck and between the shoulder blades for up to 30 minutes at a time.

If this is something that is of interest to you, I highly recommend Tim Ferriss’ books: