Frustration leads to….

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frustration photoFrustration:

  • the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something.
  • an event or circumstance that causes one to have a feeling of frustration.
  • the prevention of the progress, success, or fulfillment of something.

Frustration can lead to many other “tion” words. Procrastination, aggravation, irritation being a few.  Holding on to that frustration can also lead to lack of motivation and a need to blame others for your frustration.

By turning the frustration into action(s), you are taking control back from the negativity frustration and frustrating circumstances brings into your life and turning it into positive actions and thoughts.

“You’ve done it before and you can do it now. See the positive possibilities. Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into positive, effective, unstoppable determination.”

Ralph Marston

By changing the perspective and turning the negative into the positive, we allow ourselves to release the frustration and focus on the action(s).

“Getting perspective when you are frustrated isn’t a particularly difficult practice; the difficulty is in remembering to do it. It will be difficult to do this at first, but after diligent practice it will become a habit and happen automatically. Nobody likes to feel frustrated. Unfortunately, frustrations are part of life. Learn to manage your frustrations so they don’t leave you stressed, burned-out or depressed. “

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  1. Well frustration will never lead to something good that’s for sure. It’s clear that action can take us out of a feeling of frustration. The problem is what do you do when you are so frustrated that you can’t move yourself into action?

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