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By Felicia, on October 31st, 2011

While watching TV the other day, a commercial came on for Fruit Loops and stating that they were now a source of fiber. For real? Seriously? It got me curious. I went to the Kellogg’s website and looked at the nutritional info for Fruit Loops. Yep, sure enough it has 3 grams of fiber; it also has 12 grams of sugar. A child from 1-3 need approximately 19 grams of fiber a day and the number gets higher and higher. Our bodies need fiber to work properly, to flow properly. The false advertising of Fruit loops makes you think it is a viable source of fiber, even that it is a healthy choice. The first ingredient of Fruit Loops is sugar and that is what will affect a child more than the 3 grams of fiber. Try oatmeal with raisins or bananas, now that is fiber.

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