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By Marilyn, on December 7th, 2011

I have always had HIGH HOPES for myself before the holidays.  I want to make a lot of things and I actually buy materials to make gifts—I don’t always make it—getting those gifts that I have made in my head, really made.  That does stress me out and I am not very nice.  I have not quite figured out why I put all that pressure on myself.

I have been trying to let some things go and not be so intent to get what I think needs to be done done.  I am trying to share the holidays with all—the decorating, the meal and allow them to contribute.  What does not get done does not get done.  So my help for my stress is to let others help and not get bent when things are done by someone else in their way.  Thanksgiving was much more fun because I did not do it all.

Sharing is a way to let the stress go.