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By Marilyn, on November 7th, 2013

Here I go again.  Coconut oil and everything else coconut—is now being seen as good!  When I first wrote about coconut back in 2010, I could hardly find it, even in health food stores—and even if I could it was still in the “bad” fats list of many. (Such as Sunflowers’* newsletter.)  I had to pay a lot and had to really search to find it.  NOW we can even find it at Costco!  Coconut oil is finally seen for its goodness and great health benefits.

The first article that I read about the goodness of coconut was written by Heather Pratt, MNT for Natural Grocers Health Hotline, Aug/Sept 2009.

In the Health Hotline, Nov/Dec 2013 Heather Pratt has written an article, “Coconut: From Suspected Villain to Superfood Status.”  She describes a superfood:

  “A food that has an edge over others, a food with powerful health promoting benefits; a food so super that it is able to support health and vitality in a single bound.  Coconut is such a food; on that contains unique nutrients that truly support health. “

It is a super fat, “unlike much of the fat we eat, coconut oil is mostly made up of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) which are easily digested and easily metabolized by the body, and rather than being stored in fat cells they are burned for energy.”

These are the benefits of coconuts:  antimicrobial, brain support, soothe the gut, energy, cancer –new to my blogs—“the MCFAs found in coconut are even being explored for their potential ability to inhibit tumor formation and as an alternative fuel source during cancer-starving ketogenic diets”, and metabolism.

Now besides being able to find and buy coconut oil, we can now find besides shredded coconut,  coconut flour—no gluten, coconut water, lotions, soaps, coconut milk, coconut concentrate or another name coconut cream concentrate, coconut butter and coconut sugar.

Since the early days of my search for coconut oil and every other coconut product—I use it in baking, oil pulling, brushing my teeth, lotions, my main milk substitute, etc.  A great website to find out more is Tropical Traditions, much research, products, knowledge, recipes and more.  Please be careful to check the oil you buy.  As always when a new “superfood” that catches on the fakes and low grade products come out of the wood work.


Pratt, MNT, Heather.  Coconuts:  From Suspected Villian to Superfood Status.  Natural Grocers Health Hotline, Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers, Nov/Dec 2013.

Tropical Traditions

*Sunflower was a farmer market type store(ours in Fort Collins) that was located in the southwest, bought out by Sprouts.  The newsletter I refer to was distributed by Sunflower and article was written by one of their nutritionist.