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By Nathan, on October 8th, 2012

It took me way too long to understand this.  But once I did, I felt 1000% better and at peace more often.  You need to be the Emotion you feel. If you are angry, be angry.  If you are sad, be sad.  If you are happy, be happy. And so on and so on.  We try to be other than we are for social acceptability and because we are raised to believe that negative feelings aren’t valid, mostly because people around us say things like, “That isn’t a valid reason to be angry. Buck up.”

If you are angry, there is a valid reason for it.  Let yourself be angry, and you will find that your anger passes much quicker and leaves you happier at the end of it.  Emotions need validation to move on.  When you don’t allow that feeling, it hangs around.  It stays around, clogging up the channels of peace, even happiness. And it stagnates. Festers. Makes us angry or sad all the time. Let it flow through you.

Next time you are sad, cry.  Wail, let the sadness wash over you. Be completely sad.

Next time you are angry, yell. Curse a stream of pure foulness, let the angry sweep you away (If you need some time alone, take it, especially if you get violent).  Be completely angry.

Next time you are happy, laugh. Smile at everyone, whoop for joy.  Let it carry you.  Be completely happy.

Don’t feel guilty about feeling the way you do.  When you can think straight about why you became sad or angry, then the issue can be resolved.  Don’t think of resolution in the middle of the emotional wave, think of it after the wave has been dissipated and then deal with it.  Mastering this will make a HUGE difference in your life.  Try it!