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By Marilyn, on September 15th, 2011

Commercials these days would have you believe that what you are eating at a famous fast food restaurant is “healthy and wholesome”. A personal assistant goes and gets the boss the “healthy and wholesome” breakfast and then says, “She is in a good mood now!” This is after she eats a bunch of artificial junk “food” from the most prominent of fast food joints.

I just watched another commercial that a major grocery store is airing.  They give you the nutrition value on their price labels.  They have a dietician telling you and showing the examples of the nutrition ratings.  It looked to me like big brands and prepared food.  There were no apples, or meat or vegetables only processed food—popcorn with a nutritional value of 91 with the dietician saying the higher the number the better the nutrition.  The popcorn had a higher nutritional value than yogurt.  Now wait—

Are the commercials trying to tell us something?  Yeah, that we once again are being told a bunch of hooey.  Not only does our government tell us how to become healthy by eating what the big corporations want us to eat—and definitely, it is not all healthy, but the fast food  and grocery stores are telling us how to be healthy by following their idea of healthy.

My Mom was not eating enough so they give her a supplement where most of the main ingredients are sugar.  Nonfat skim milk is the first ingredient then it is sugar, sugar, sugar, with a lot of chemical sounding names.  This is a nutritional supplement? It just sounds like a bunch of empty calories to me.

Hmmmmm.  And we wonder why so many of us are obese and unhealthy?