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By Nathan, on July 21st, 2011

I see that you are taking a diversion.  Unwinding.  Taking a few minutes to check up on your fishing lines and comment threads.  Checking in on your online life.

Cool!  I’m with you.  But, just for fun, do you want to try something with me?  Something quick, fun and worthwhile?  If you don’t like it, feel free to abstain, but here I go:

  1. See if you can see your translucent reflection in your monitor.  See that faint You staring back at you!
  2. Is that faint You smiling?  It is? awesome!  It isn’t?  Why not?  Bad day? Loads of stress?  This is a diversion, right?  Why not make it count?
  3. Close your eyes.  Somewhere on the inside of those eyelids is a miniature You.  Find that avatar.  Focus on one thing that you like about them.  It doesn’t have to be “big”. Just one thing.  Once you have that, focus on how great that one thing is.  Blow it up to ridiculous proportions.
  4. Open your eyes and smile at that translucent reflection.  You might be like my son and hate your smile, but don’t worry about it.  Just keep thinking of that one thing that you like about that tiny You behind your eyelids.
  5. Watch your eyes twinkle and look at yourself smile.  Realize that just for a minute that your soul is shining and showing you how wonderful you actually are.
  6. Repeat whenever you need a boost.  You will find that the more you do it (and it really just takes a minute), the easier it will be to find your great things.

Have a great day!

P.S. If you are my friend on Facebook, send me a picture of your diversion smile and I will happily post it to inspire others!