Daily Teachings from “The Secret”

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When you are afraid of something happening, by the law (of attraction) you attract it, although fortunately it takes real focus and persistent fear to bring it to you.  The amount of emotion you invest in not wanting something to happen is powerful.  At the same time,it is also impossible to bring what you want when you hold so much fear about the outcome you don’t want.

Remove your personal investment of fear from what you don’t want to happen, and now use that powerful energy and direct it to what you want.   No matter what you have been thinking or feeling, your power to create something new is NOW.  

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  1. I am so thankful it takes a lot of focus to actually attract it. Why? Because bad things happen all the time to a lot of people because of their fears. This way, you have to put in real focus and work to make things happen and won’t be “penalized” if you have some moments of fear.

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