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By Gary, on December 10th, 2012

Back in August of this year I posted a blog about how we treat each other sometimes.  It was called Common Courtesy – Having Respect for Others and Showing Kindness.

During the Holiday Season, this becomes more pronounced.  Traffic increases, we are in a hurry, we have to buy certain items, we have to be first in line when the store doors open, we feel the need to spend more money, we have to clean the house, we have to write Christmas Cards, we have to bake our everyone’s favorite things, we have to practice and perform with choirs, etc., we have to decorate the house and yard, we have to get out our holiday clothes, we have to __________.

All of this leads to stress and then to being impatient with each other and then to being rude to each other and then to __________.

Here are a couple of videos to make the point.  One shows the crowd pushing and shoving in order to be first to get to their sale item.  The other shows how we can stop and enjoy what is important about this season.

Black Friday 2012

Caroling in the Mall

Love, Joy and Peace to the World!