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By Felicia, on May 30th, 2012

“Chi-Chi–Chi-Chia!” You probably remember the endless commercials for Chia Pets, Heads and other formations. You probably tried one out or gave one as a gag gift. What you might not know is the chia seed, used in growing the pet or head, is also good for your body!

The Chia seed was used by Aztec warriors when they were preparing for a long hunt to support endurance. It was used by the native Mexicans for nutritional and medicinal purposes. The southwest Indians used it to sustain themselves on the forced 24 hour march.¹ For centuries, this tiny seed has sustained people.

The Chia seed has hydrophilic properties which let it absorb more than 12 times its weight in water, causing it to turn into a gelatinous mass that lines the stomach and prevents the absorption of carbohydrates by the digestive enzymes. It retains water, hydrating your body but also slows the process of carbohydrates turning into sugar, then into fat. The chia seed is rich in Omega-3 oil, protein and anti-oxidants, all in a little package.²

You can mix the Chia seed into almost anything without affecting the taste, you can bake it, add it to juice, add it desserts or just add it to your water to give yourself more energy. The storage of the seed is easy too; you can store it at room temperature for a year making the chia seed affordable as well, bonus! No longer is the thing of gag gifts, the Chia seed finding a place in the present with nutritional purpose!

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