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By Marilyn, on August 15th, 2013

Perceptions seems to be the word, thought and idea on HealthNowWealthForever.  We watched a new show(to us) called “Perceptions”.  I thought I would like the show, but I really did not.  This is why.  In the episode we watched, the main male character feels he killed his mother because he convinced her to use and pursue alternative medicine to cure her cancer.  She had already done the chemo and radiation route and was not doing well, so she went to Mexico with her son to try the alternative way.  She died.  So his message throughout the show was alternative medicine is quackery and anyone who practices it is a quack.  He plugged chemotherapy and radiation as the only way.  He also closed the show with a lecture to college students that stressed we cannot heal ourselves, that our brains do not have the power to that.  We also saw another show that pushed drugs for Big Pharma and that taking prescription medicine is the only right way to deal with illness.

What this says to me is the cancer industry,  medical world and Big Pharma are getting worried about the alternative cancer cures—which there are many– alternative ways of keeping healthy without all the drugs that may make people healthy without all their drugs and that doctors may not know what is best.

I read an article today that private oncologists get a lot of money when they push certain chemo drugs.  If an oncologist works for a hospital the hospital gets kickbacks when they push certain chemo drugs.

     “The conventional medical industry has no incentive to look for alternatives to chemotherapy and radiation, or to find a “cure” for cancer (as they always claim they’re trying to do.) They depend on the profits from cancer. They live off of those dying people.  A “cure’ would be a disaster for them. Just remember that when you read those hopeful news stories about some gene therapy or whatever that holds out hope for a cure. To be sure, some exciting research is going on at the genetic and molecular level, but the “cure” (if any) is always years away and involves highly exotic and speculative technology that will probably cost a fortune if it’s ever FDA approved.”

Perceptions and thoughts create beliefs which create your reality.  If the medical industry says it enough and then push writers of television shows to keep pushing their agenda that there is no cure for cancer people will believe it.  I said to a colleague that the cancer industry does not want a cure—not even all those “Runs for the cure” want a cure because of all the money that they make and generate.  It is big business!!

There are many people who have been cured of cancer by alternative medicine and healthy eating.  There are cures that do not cost thousands and thousands of dollars. My perceptions and thoughts have changed about doctors and conventional medicine.  Therefore my beliefs in the medical world has changed a lot.  I believe there are better ways to address illnesses, cancer and our health than turning to prescriptions and chemo and conventional medicine.  I believe that the FDA has its own agenda that is not always true.  I do not believe they have the American people’s good health as their goal, but who pays them the most—they are part of Big Pharma and conventional medicine.


Cancer Defeated

Newsletter #317
Lee Euler, Editor

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