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By Gary, on September 28th, 2011

If you have built up your nest egg and are wondering “what now?”, read on.

You can’t just sit on your assets and become wealthy. Your assets must work for you now. You have probably heard that the difference between the rich and everyone else is that everyone else works for their money and the rich have their money working for them. Nothing could be truer.

Making your money work for you is called Passive Income.

Passive income is most commonly defined as dividends and income paid on a principal. But if you read much about how taxes work, that level of passive income is taxed the most. So, what is better – tax wise? Well, you can start or buy a business. You can buy and operate income producing property. You can earn royalties by writing a book, making a movie or recording a song. You can join a network marketing team.

Each of these requires education and due diligence. You want your money working for you. You want to increase your nest egg even more so you can use it to increase your level of passive income.

I recommend reading all you can about the type of passive income in which you are interested. There are a multitude of books written about every subject. I would recommend this one to start with: