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By Marilyn, on July 13th, 2013

First of all,  I am so glad that I have learned so much about the food we eat, the medicine we take, and the environment and how all these affect us.  I have become very wary about the medical world and the FDA, USDA, and all who regulate our food and medicine.  I am very concerned about what the medical and corporate worlds are doing to our children and our elders, and in fact us all.

I was the caretaker for my mother and wanted her to feel her best and not suffer.  I did not know then what I know now. I believed all the doctors and I do not fault them.  They did their best for her. They are told by Big Pharma that their medicines are tested and safe.  I think a lot of her medicine caused some of her problems.  I can always second guess, but after finding out about some of the side effects of the drugs she was on when she died, I realized that many of her other symptoms that developed after taking the medicines that I thought were making her better made some other symptoms appear.  She always hated taking so many pills;  I should have listened harder and done some research.

At this point, I do not trust doctors that have not had nutritional training and that do not believe in natural cures.  I believe that  there are many natural cures for cancers, diseases, maladies.  The medicines that doctors prescribe can be toxic and full of side effects.  The number of vaccines that are required for our infants and young children is criminal.  Why would they need all these vaccinations?  I call on us to challenge the CDC and FDA to prove that these are all necessary.

For our health and environment, I challenge us to be diligent about GMO labeling and to keep informed about Monsanto.  It is no wonder our government—FDA, USDA, EPA, President Obama, Congress do not want to do anything, they are all in bed with Monsanto.  Here is the list of former Monsanto employees and executives and where they are now.  This is from a facebook post by Natural News:

“I found goodness in the place that I once believed to be evil; and found evil in the place that I once always knew to be good! The truth is so far separated from where I thought it existed. It can be such a wild, unbound journey: the journey from the illusion into the truth. Some people take that journey, but more people don’t.”
― C. JoyBell C. Graphic shared by Listry Dakota

I am calling everyone out to become critical thinkers, researchers on our own and families health, and eyes wide open citizens.  Here are some of the websites and blogs that can help us be more informed.  I do not always agree with all they say, just like I do not always agree with what our government tells us.  That is being a critical thinker.  this is one you have to join

Environmental Action