Atkins / Keto Diet Breakfast Update

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In my last post, I described how I am combining a low carb Keto diet with intermittent fasting to help control my blood sugar.  I started off eating eggs for breakfast. But I really love oatmeal, so I figured out how to make a low glycemic oatmeal and tested the glycemic response using ketosis test strips.

The Keto diet is about eating smart as well as low carb.  The first 30 days on my low carb Keto diet, I also did intermittent fasting by eating breakfast at 10am and then not eating after finishing dinner around 7pm.   Instead of eating one large meal (dinner?),  you want to eat 4-5 smaller meals.  I have lunch somewhere between 1pm and 2pm and then a small snack in between lunch and dinner.  I keep the foods simple and don’t make it too exciting.  Each meal has some lean protein and healthy low glycemic foods.

Keto Oatmeal (what?!)

But my big discovery has been my low glycemic oatmeal.  I used to make this with maple syrup as a sweetener – which is a big No No for a low glycemic food.  I got the idea for this key ingredient from a nutritionist. It is flaked coconut.

Hopefully you like the taste of coconut.

Here is what you need to make it;

1/2 cup old fashioned oats (not the quick kind)

2 tablespoons of flake coconut

6-8 pecans or walnuts (1/4 cup)

(optionally) a few dried cranberries (Craisins)


  1. Mix the coconut and oatmeal together in a cereal bowl and add the Craisins (if you have them).
  2. Add boiling water to just cover the oats/coconut mixture
  3. Cover and let steep for 7-8 minutes to cook
  4. Break up the nuts and stir them into the bowl

What is great about this dish is that it is breakfast, but I can also use it as a snack in the afternoon.   I change it up by mixing different things in.   It’s a lifesaver!



  1. I love oatmeal, especially on those bitter cold days. I’m intrigued by the idea of this low glycemic oatmeal. I like adding things to my oatmeal and the coconut and nuts should be good (even though I prefer fruit). I’ll have to try this one and see if the flavor is to my liking.

    1. I use the dried fruit to spice it up. Just 8-10 pieces of dried cranberry doesn’t add significant carbs but gives the flavor a big punch from time to time. Worth it.

  2. I’ve been fasting since mid-March, 16-8, it still amazes me how active and fresh I feel around the 2-3 pm mark. I used to be super sleepy after my lunch but I always blamed my workload/stress. Turns out my diet was out of control and I snacked way too much! Will try your breakfast oat now that fall is finally upon us.

  3. I know people that do intermittent fasting. They’ve had great results including weight loss and feeling better. I’ve wanted to try it myself, but I wasn’t sure if I could. Now I’m confident now that I’ve read about how you skip eating until 10 am. That’s something I can do and I did it when I was younger, not by design but by circumstances.

    1. Yep. Do it this way. It is way easier!!

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