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By Felicia, on March 22nd, 2013

Recently I had a friend post something on Facebook that caused me to think… Am I experiencing mood swings due to my diet?  I have found myself in a pattern where I don’t eat breakfast and then am starving by lunch and reach for the first thing I can find, usually a high sugar, high carbohydrate (not a complex carbohydrate) snack or meal.  Usually something I feel is comforting like macaroni and cheese.

Experts say that mood can be affected by what we put in our bodies or don’t put in our bodies.  ” … if you eat plenty of fish, eggs, beans, fruits and green leafy vegetables, you should have the nutrients you need. However, people who tend to eat a diet loaded with processed or packaged foods could find themselves more easily irritated.”(1)  Huh, I have been more irritated  more sensitive and more negative lately.  I have not been taking supplements or eating right and instead have been loading up on “comfort” food.

“Deficiencies in nutrients, magnesium or manganese, vitamin C, or some B vitamins may make a person hyperactive towards a stressor, a short fuse so to speak,”(1)  ”Limit refined carbohydrates to help lessen volatile blood sugar swings: Concentrated sources of sugar like soda, candy, fruit juice, jam and syrup can create radical spikes (and drops) in your blood sugar, which leaves you feeling cranky and tired. And although refined, white starch like white bread, crackers, bagels and rice do not naturally contain sugar compounds, they are metabolized into sugar very quickly and can often create the same effect.” (2)

I am going to try this and I will report back.  I have been feeling stressed, negative and frustrated and by changing my diet, I might be able to think clearly and process the stress better and not let it affect me so greatly.

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